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August 13, 2013
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"Welcome home." It was the only thing you heard before falling to the floor. You heard your own voice echo in your ears...Damnit.... Meeting with darkness once again, you felt...cold. You glance around, your body was completely still. "W-what? Not this shit again." you mutter to yourself,"I'm tired of playing these weird games for today!" A cold breeze hit your back. "Aw, you don't want to play any games? I remember how you always begged me to play games with you when you were smaller. It was a long time since I played with you~." it spoke softly in your ear, it gave you chills. What or who was this guy? From what you can tell from the pointers he's been giving you, it wanted you. This made you blush a bit.

"Mmm~ I can feel your heat even from this distance.~" it said breaking into your thoughts. This made you even blush even more, how can you think when he keeps breaking into your  thoughts!? "You don't. You only react, for my pleasure." "What?" He let out a laugh ,"You'll understand soon, my sweet." Your body began to feel heavier and heavier. The darkness was slowly turning into color, you felt something breathing on you. Wait. Breathing? You open your eyes immiedietly and saw...him. The clown-mime person inside your dream. He's...he's real? Your breathing stopped, you started to shake. His large hands began to stoke your cheek, you were still. His eyes  were so mesmerising, it felt as if you were in a trance. He leaned closer, his lips a few inches apart, "I've been waiting for this for a long time."  He leaned in closer, his breath danced on your lips. You shut your eyes, your body was heating up by the seconds, then finally your lips connected together. The sweet burning sensation finally drowned out your thoughts.

After a few moments of the pleasurable sensation, it faded suddenly and you opened your eyes. You were on your bed, you tried to recollect your thoughts. Came home...opened my room's door...and...and..passed out on my bed..? Something felt missing, but you really didn't care. What you cared about was getting your work done. You disn't want to get yelled at again by Mr. Night. His yelling made anyone's ears bleed and made children cry. This made you laugh, after a few more laughs you worked on your project, You were having a bit of a problem, so you decided to lay back. You'll return to it soon enough, you got up from your comfy bed and went down stairs to watch some T.V. It was better doing homework, then again anything is better than doing homework. Creak! Creak! You heard the stairs creak with each step you took, it was annoying, but you didn't bother to get someone to fx it. Searching for the remote, you channeled surfed for something entertaining to watch.

Cartoons, Old dramas, the learning channel, it was endless. You practically watched everything, even if the show said it was new, it was predictable. You released a sigh, some things didn't seem original..oh well. Creak! Creak! You turned your head, you swore you heard the stairs creak. Your losing it, hearing voices, hearing turned off the T.V. yeah..maybe too much T.V. is a bad thing. You tossed the remote aside, you looked at what the time was, seven-fifteen. You felt something cold brush against your thighs, it was as if something was holding you close. You shook your head,"Nope! Nope. Just to much T.V. Yep, that's it, too much." You were in a case of a bit of fear,but it quickly resided into denial. You knew what it was, just didn't wasnt to believe nor interact with it. The air felt suffocatingly cold, you hugged yourself and headed upstairs towards your room. What luck. It slammed itself shut in your face, crap.

"Ha ha..."

You whipped your head to see where that laugh was coming from. Your eyes widened when the color faded from half of the room, you walked closer to the colorless room. You shivered, a cold wind brushed by again. You hugged yourself tightly, a let out a shivering sigh. It became so cold that you saw your breath,"Ha....hahaha!" You were being taunted. But, it wasn't the same laugh from it was diffrent but familiar. Squeak! Squeak! What? It wasn't the creaking from the stairs but something else, it sounded more like shriek though. How long did it took to reach the other side of the room?! It felt like you were walking a track rather than this, you stopped. Looking at your surroundings you noticed everything changed.

In front of you landed a monochrome photo, of you and of him.
sorry it took a bit...
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