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May 28, 2013
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You heard the sounds of a horrific lullaby go off in your head, playing over and over. Laughter echoed into your thoughts, it sounded so familiar. You open your eyes and found yourself in an abandon carnival, everything was faded and monochrome. It looked like you didn't even belong here, you started to look around and found children singing. It was the song that you remembered from long remembered it gave you a migraine.

You looked at the children again, your eyes widened. You started to back away in horror, your breathing stopped. The children were heavily deformed, some limbs missing, black blood spilled from many places, and their laughter...was more of a demonic wail than a child's laughter. You kept backing away from the children until you bumped into something, you felt your breathing returned back to you slowly.

Laughter diffrent from the children was heard right behind you, you didn't want to turn around. Long arms wrapped around you, giving a familair warmth you felt long ago...You heard deep breathing by your ear. It started to nuzzle your neck and bite you, no matter how much you wanted to get away from this...thing, you couldn't.

It was as if your body was paraylyzed, an invisible force that had a tight grip on you. You started to stuggle, it started to lick your cheek. Using your peripheral vision you saw the things face. Black hair, pale face, long black-and-white striped nose, but what really caught you was his eyes. black eyes with white irises, you felt heat rise in your cheeks.

He whispere in your seductivly,"Mine." And with that everything faded to black, and everything went silent, until you woke up. Confusion filled you, your dream...did you even dream? Usually when you dream you always remember it, but this time you didn't have a dream.

You brushed it off and got ready for school; failing to realize a black-and-white picute on your bed. It was you and a man holding hands in a romantic manner, it was the same man in your dream. It was taken a few years already left for school.
The picture of the man faded but, a shadow loomed in your room...waiting for your return.
You and LJ sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...uh, Hi.
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Nightmarewolf365 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  New member
-.- really....??? 
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Dragon5032 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
.......... Weeeelll... it seems a lot of stories involve my buddeh here,
Glacier, losing her memories... poor thing D:
Glacier: ... how da heck do i remember you than?....
Me: CAUSE IM SPECIAL :3 *hugs*
Glacier: *sighs* ... any chance CAN I FORGET ABOUT YOU FOR ONE DAY!!!
Me: Nu >:l *hugs tighter*
Glacier: C-cant... breeaathh...
Me: Ok :3 youll just pass out and- *glacier passes out and wakes up immediatly*
Glacier: huh? who are you? why are you hugging me?
Me: ...... *hits head with tail*
Glacier: NUUU I REMEMBER GAAHHHH!! *gets hugged again* 
blue730 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Omg! Ohmyglob 
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 Meme (Popcorn) [V1] 
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